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  leeled was founded in 2008, the company mainly engaged in animal husbandry and aquaculture special LED lighting, 10 years focused on farm dimmable intelligent lighting! In order to meet customer demand for LED poultry lighting fixtures, the company invested heavily in research and technology in 2010Technical strength, import and export of advanced LED technology and equipment, technology innovation, development to a new level! Now the company's main production; LED dimming lamp,dimmable LED,LED lamp light poultry,led plant grow light,Chicken farm light, poultry lighting ,broiler lights,Pig House LED Lighting ,cow House LED Lighting dairy farming,Factory lighting and other livestock LED lighting fixtures. The company's product production process strictly enforce the ISO9001:2000 quality system standards, in order to ensure high quality products!

  In the new industry background, the company responded to the country's "low-carbon energy saving" call for the world environment to contribute their own strength, for customers to create more high-quality and inexpensive smart LED dimming lamps. In this company products adhere to the popular line, in ensuring the quality of the basic premise, from sales, procurement, production, packaging, transportation and strictly control the cost, risk and quality control do fine, transfer cost and efficiency savings to customers, create more value for customers and society. Warmly welcome all businessmen to order production,To map customized or in person at the factory to discuss business, common development, win-win cooperation!

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