LED Lighting Sales Manager
Job description:
1 、 responsible for sales planning and management of LED application products;
2 、 responsible for the bidding and management of LED lighting engineering;
3, the company customer relations development, maintenance, public relations and so on;
4, grasp the market dynamics, and formulate to meet the market demand marketing plan and strategy;
5. Set up sales team to achieve sales performance and ensure stable sales.
Job requirements:
1, male and female is not restricted, college degree or above, major in marketing is preferred. At least 5 years working experience.
2, familiar with LED lighting products and markets, have a profound understanding of the lighting industry, familiar with the domestic sales model, have their own views and marketing concepts;
3, with keen market awareness, resilience, leadership and ability to independently develop the market;
4, rich customer resources and customer relations, have a certain channel is preferred, complete the annual sales task;
5. Good oral and written communication skills, familiar with office software;
6 、 high enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, good team work spirit, able to work under pressure, good communication, coor