LED Lighting Sales Manager
Job description:
1 、 responsible for sales planning and management of LED application products;
2 、 responsible for the bidding and management of LED lighting engineering;
3, the company customer relations development, maintenance, public relations and so on;
4, grasp the market dynamics, and formulate to meet the market demand marketing plan and strategy;
5. Set up sales team to achieve sales performance and ensure stable sales.
Job requirements:
1, male and female is not restricted, college degree or above, major in marketing is preferred. At least 5 years working experience.
2, familiar with LED lighting products and markets, have a profound understanding of the lighting industry, familiar with the domestic sales model, have their own views and marketing concepts;
3, with keen market awareness, resilience, leadership and ability to independently develop the market;
4, rich customer resources and customer relations, have a certain channel is preferred, complete the annual sales task;
5. Good oral and written communication skills, familiar with office software;
6 、 high enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, good team work spirit, able to work under pressure, good communication, coordination and leadership skills;
7 、 accept travel and other preliminary market development and maintenance work. 8, outstanding performance, can be promoted to deputy general manager.
Post treatment:
High basic salary + high commission system, travel subsidies, telephone subsidies + gasoline subsidies
Purchasing Supervisor
Responsibility requirement
1 、 responsible for purchasing of LED raw material and finished products, including inquiry, price comparison, signing purchase contract, acceptance check, evaluation and feedback summary work;
2. Investigate, analyze and evaluate target markets to determine requirements and timing of purchase;
3, improve the company purchasing system, formulate and optimize the purchasing process, control the quality and cost of purchasing;
4 、 organize the evaluation of suppliers, responsible for the company's LED material procurement, including: inquiry, parity, signed the purchase contract, acceptance, evaluation and feedback, summary, assessment, management and assessment;
5 、 good organization and coordination skills, good negotiation and interpersonal skills, good team work ability.
Requirements: 1 women over the age of 23 above, more than one year working experience in LED industry, familiar with LED products is preferred. 2 good conduct, have good occupation accomplishment, strong cost control, can work under pressure 3 responsible for work adaptability
LED Product Engineer
Job requirements:
1 、 Bachelor degree or above, English level four or above
2 、 more than 2 years experience in LED lighting industry
3 、 familiar with international safety standard, LED lighting product design process
4, the LED industry has its own system of understanding, marketing system thinking
5, male, 28 years old and above, married is preferred
Salary: Negotiable
Contact person: HR

Customer Service


Contact: Manager Li

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