dimmer led bulb light,48v led bulb light

1)IP67 Dimmable LED Bulb - LED lights for poultry 
2)chicken farm lighting-IP67 waterpoof Broiler LED bulb light
4) IP67 LED bulb chicken farm lighting 
5) Waterproof LED bulb 
6) Dimmable LED bulbs 
7) Flickering Free LED chicken bulb 
8) LED Poultry bulb 
IP67 LED bulb

DC48v 3W bulbs warm white for chicken layers dimmable LED bulb

Poultry bulb LED
1) DC48v 3W bulbs warm white for chicken layers dimmable LED bulb
2) IP65 LED bulb DC48v 3W chicken farm lighting
   LED Waterproof  bulb 
IP67 Plug and play dimmable flicker free LED bulb light for layer house
E27 IP65 Dimmable LED Bulb for layer egg production


1. Energy-saving, Environment friendly, and only 20% power consumption of halogen lamp and incandescent lamp. 
2. Long lifespan >50,000 hours. 
3. more voltage design available. 
4.Low Power Consumption, High Intensity
5.Maintenance Free
6.No RF Interference
48V DC LED 3W/5w led bulb lighting is widely applied Remote Workshops, Marine and ‘off grid’ Solar powered homes, Caravans and remote locations such as Farm buildings, 

dimmer led bulb light,LED Dimmer lamp,Chicken farm light, LED lights for poultry ,broiler lights
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