IP65 LED emergency tube lamp

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• with the use of high temperature lithium batteries; suitable for 20W below LED fluorescent lamp, 100% full ,half power emergency, city power A.C normal supply,- normal lighting lamp can makethe inverter emergency lighting battery group is in standby state when charging ; a sudden accident or other emergency situations caused by the sudden interruption of power A.C, theinverter conversion for the battery immediately to the emergency lighting group D.CAfter the lamp is illuminated and safe, the battery is charged saturated, automatically enters the maintenance state, compensates the self discharge, and maintains the battery performanceMatching the battery with different capacity, it can reach the emergency lighting time of 1.5 hours and meet the needs of different occasions. It can be used in the -20 - +60 temperature environment.
Strictly connect the circuit according to the wiring diagram, and don't arbitrarily open the cover; the user can periodically check the discharge of the inverter, that 

is, cut off the power supply of the city, and discharge the battery to the automatic termination;
Technical parameters:
Full charge time 24 hours.
- input: AC 100V-265V: DC 36-42V 50HZ,60HZ 50HZ/60HZ output power: 7W (customizable) emergency time more than 90 minutes: according to customer requirements set;

• battery: 12V battery capacity: 2 sets of 2500mAH lithium battery • AC110V ,220v universal products, the most continuous connection of 10 groups.

Emergency led tube light


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