T12 IP67 LED tube light for pig house

T12 IP67 LED tube light for pig house 
 LED Poultry Light, Pig House LED Lighting

1) Order number:LS-tube-t12
2) Order detail: T12-1200mm/1500mm/1800mm-23-35W-5000K-Clear cover/Milky cover-Dimmable-Non-dimmable-Waterproof IP67-100-260Vac-180degree
3) Wide lighting angle 180 degree LED tube light for pig house
4) T12 LED tube light for pig farm can resist Ammonia Gas which produce in pig farm
5) Waterproof LED tube make in full PC pipe with silicone ring. Resistant to some cleaning chemicals

Product name; IP67 Pig Farm LED tube light
Order No. LS-TUBE-T12 (4000K-B-Clear cover)
Power; 23-35W
LED driver; Dimmable/Non-dimmable, 100-260Vac
Dim ;Dimming from 0-100%,Lighting brightness from 1 to 100%
Dimenstion; T12 tube, OD32mm, Length 1200mm/1500mm/1800mm
Color; 4000K / 6000K
Cover; Clear cover/Transparent cover
Beam Angle; 180degree
Certification; FCC, CE, ROHS, IP67
Warranty; 3years

Why 4000K and 6000K is the best color temperature for Pig?
Physiology of the porcine eye suggest that the domesticated pig is best adapted for dim levels of natural light. Pig have dichromatic vision, in the pig’s eye there 

are two sets of cones that give the animal peak wavelength sensitivity at 439 nm (blue color) and 556 nm (green color). The photoreceptors in a pig’s eye cannot 

detect the red color (>650 nm).
Evidence shows that pigs have poorer color perception than humans and in particular a reduced sensitivity to the red end of the spectrum. There is little research into 

the effect of colored lights on pig production. In cases where red light has been used, pigs respond as though in darkness.
One key benefit of LED lighting is the ability to dim the lights, providing dawn and dusk periods, reducing the competition for food when lights are switched on in the 
morning and reducing potentially startling effects when lights are switched on or off.

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